That Ticks Me Off!

May 21 9:00 p.m.

What’s ticking me off right now is a huge flying bug that is circling above my head and tempting fate by hovering too close to a hot light bulb. The ugly, red-bodied, behemoth mosquito-like creature never gets close enough to the bulb to harm itself however, which ticks me off even more. Instead of frying, the winged nuisance always seems to avoid the bulb and then frantically dive toward me. Now that really makes me mad, particularly because I’m too afraid to get close enough to the hideous thing to swat it.

Speaking of creepy-crawly critters, spiders are also a major irritant. Although I prefer not to kill daddy longleg spiders (as regular-sized and behemoth mosquitos are often ensnared in their webs), I draw the line when they want to shower with me. I am simultaneously freaked out and ticked off when a daddy longleg spider dangles above me on a thin strand of web as I lean back to rinse the shampoo out of my hair.

I just looked around and identified another “tick me off” item. Venetian blinds have always maddened me. Perhaps I just don’t have the “Venetian touch.” I can open and close the slats but when I pull the string to lift them up, they always end up lopsided.

A shopping cart with a bad wheel dampens my enthusiastic spending attitude. I don’t like a cart with remnants in it either. People who block the grocery store aisles with their carts, ignoring me as they chat with each other, test my patience and lucky for them, avoid my wrath (although I will occasionally run into their carts to make a point). Shoppers who ignore the express lane’s “15 items or less” rule annoy me to no end. Sorry, fifteen bottles of soda don’t count as one item and there is always the brainless check writer (acting confused and apologetic about being in a “no checks” lane and taking forever to write out the check). What no ATM or credit card?

Packages that don’t open really have me ticked off lately. A bag of potato chips exploded all over the kitchen when I got impatient trying to open it and strong-armed the top of the bag. Even though I’m rarely successful, I always try to open sealed bags properly at first and then after utter frustration, resort to my teeth or a pair of scissors.

Damn, there are so many things that tick me off but I’m in too good a mood to dwell on them any longer. Maybe I shouldn’t get so ticked off at the little things. In retrospect, I guess I’m lucky to just be ticked off at bugs, Venetian blinds, shopping experiences and bad packaging. As a matter of fact, right now the giant mosquito bug is caught in a daddy longleg web on the Venetian blinds, I don’t have to shop tomorrow and all the bags of chips are already open. Damn, those spiders are still in the shower. Now that really ticks me off!


4 thoughts on “That Ticks Me Off!

  1. Tom

    Speaking of shopping carts… People who fail to return carts to their appropriate resting spot really ticks me off! It’s not like we as a society can’t use the little extra exercise it takes to put carts away! And talk about the inconvenience of pulling into a parking spot and finding some lazy person just left their cart where ever they felt like.

    Now that ticks me off!!!

    1. Janice Chew

      Ticks me off when people leave their garbage in the damn shopping carts! I always find the shopping cart with square tires too. This really ticks me off…..


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