Odd Ruminations

April 26 2:45 p.m.

I had another sleepless night last evening, ruminating over things to write about, most of them very odd. Which is typical since I started blogging. (Note: I have deemed incomplete sentences completely acceptable in my blog posts).

The first thing that came to mind was a road sign I pass every day when I’m driving to my first dog walk of the morning. Since writing a previous post entitled “Road Signs,” I now carry a digital camera in the car with me, so I took a photo of the sign:

signs2a 001

What bugs me about this sign is the difference in detail between the horse and the human. Why is there such great detail in the horse graphic and so little in the equestrian? The horse really looks good and the human looks like a cone figure with a detached knob-head (and also a detached hand).

Another “human graphic” sign popped up right after “Equestrian Xing” as follows:

signs2a 002

Yet another odd shaped human with a disembodied “jack-in-the-box” head and also no hands or feet. How in the hell can a pedestrian cross the street with no feet? It definitely would take some time.

I suppose it’s not surprising that the human “graphic” on signs is so generic – it has to be; however, why not at least attach the head and give it some hands and feet. OK, I promise no more road signs for a while.

After pondering the road signs, I starting thinking about odd words and the first one that popped into my head was “toadstool.” I questioned where that word came from and my only guess was that the person who coined it must have been ‘shrooming at the time. It does make sense – toad sitting on a mushroom = toadstool; however when was the last time you saw a toad on a mushroom (without being on hallucinogenics)?

Then finally my last rumination before falling asleep was of all things . . . dung beetles. I was initially thinking about reincarnation and what would be the worst thing to come back as and that was when I thought about dung beetles.

Can you imagine being born in a piece of shit and rolling a turd around your whole life? Well, I’m pretty sure poop doesn’t really bother them, since they eat it too. So, maybe being reincarnated as a dung beetle wouldn’t be that bad* – no worries about food being scarce! *No, I still wouldn’t want to be reincarnated as a dung beetle.

I imagined a typical dung beetle conversation:

Dung Beetle Dan: “How’s it going Doug?”

Dung Beetle Doug: “Oh, you know . . . new day, same old shit.”

Dung Beetle Diane: “I think Dan is really cute.”

Dung Beetle Dorothy: “You should see his dung!”

I feel asleep soon after making up that mock conversation, so no more odd ruminations from last night. (You no doubt are saying “thank God” to yourself.)

FYI: Dung beetle factoid (courtesy of Wikipedia): “Dung beetles are currently the only animal, other than humans, known to navigate and orient themselves using the Milky Way.” WTF?

Yes, I did Google dung beetle — holy shit, what an amazing creature.



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