Blog Bog

April 12 2:00 p.m.

I’ve been in a “blog bog” for the last week, not for lack of subjects, but primarily because of laziness. In fact, I almost broke my self promise to write or post something in my blog at least once a week – I just made it.

This week the forces of inertia were definitely at work (now that’s an oxymoron!). I didn’t have any early morning dog walks or daycare, so I was able to sleep in (somewhat –- it’s difficult to sleep in with a cat on your head and a dog under the covers with you). I also had a very light dog walking schedule, so I was able to get in a lot of couch potato time, watching TV. Along with sleeping a lot and watching way too much TV, I ate more junk food this week than I have in a long time. It was great to have a little break and indulge myself but I kept thinking about writing.

I did sit at the computer a few times with the intention of writing something other than emails, but I just couldn’t get started. That’s the major problem with writing – getting started, that first sentence. Once I do start writing, it usually flows and if not, I never force it.

I’ve noticed that since I started this blog in December 2012, I’ve been reading more, writing more (of course) and noticing more around me (to write about). My sister also has a blog and sharing our writing has been a wonderful bonding experience.

I’ve also stopped editing my writing to death. I used to edit so much that most times, I’d lose the subject and end up deleting what I wrote. I’m not doing that anymore except for correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

I’m at a lull and have two more dog walks to attend to so that’s all folks. No forced writing!

P.S. My chrometophobia and pupaphobia were at an all-time high this week. Too many TV programs with monkeys and commercials with puppets! (For more info about my phobias, check out my posts “Zombies and Jack in the Box” and “No Monkey Business”)


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