Tag Away Follow Up

April 3 9:30 a.m.

In my post “Tag Away,” I promised all those other skin-tag afflicted people out there that I’d try Compound W for some of my most obnoxious skin tags and I want to report the results of my Compound W experiment.

Since the Tag Away product was such a resounding failure for me, I broke down and bought the Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System. I was very excited about freezing off three skin tags on my neck that were a major irritant as they were always rubbing on my shirt collars.

My first shock about this product was the price. I thought the tag said $7.99 but it when I got to the register, it rang up as $17.99. I bit the bullet and bought it anyway as I was just that fed up with the skin tags.

When I got home, I opened the box to find a verbose set of instructions with a table of contents containing eleven different topics. I sped-read most of the topics except the two I was most interested in: F. What to do if you are uncertain if the condition is a wart and H. Side Effects. I wasn’t too concerned that “F” said to only use Compound W Freeze Off if you were sure the skin condition was a wart as I had Googled “Compound W and skin tag” and found several sites that said Compound W Freeze Off would work on skin tags. And of course, you can always trust anything on the internet . . .

So, to make a long story short (as my Dad always used to say before telling the longest story on earth), I tried CWFO a few weeks ago (I am using initials now as I am getting tired of typing Compound W Freeze Off) and following is what happened:

CWFO comes with a foam q-tip looking applicator that you push into an aerosol can containing a mixture of “dimethyl ether and propane” (Geesh that outta take those skin tags off!). I got really excited when I pushed the applicator into the can and heard the hissing sound of the product saturating the q-tip. When I removed the q-tip from the dispenser, it was smoking and I was a little apprehensive about applying it as I knew it would probably hurt. I decided to put a little vasoline petroleum jelly around the skin tags so the “freeze off” wouldn’t burn the skin around the tags I was removing.

I applied the CWFO to the two smaller tags first and I did hit some surrounding skin with the applicator and it stung a little. I loved seeing the skin tags turn white and emit smoke as they froze. Then I went to the big ugly skin tag and it really smoked and turned white when I applied the CWFO.

I wanted to do it one more time on each tag as it was so exciting, but I resisted the urge.

During the next week all three tags changed color and the smaller tags seemed to be dying a lot faster than the larger one. The larger tag was really ugly and since it wasn’t going away and still hanging up on my collar, I decided to put a band-aid on it. I thought the band aid might help the skin tag rotting process.

After eight days all three skin tags were still intact and uglier than ever as they had turned a brownish black color. I applied more CWFO hoping that another application would do the trick. Four days after the second application, the two smaller tags were almost completely rotted and hanging by a thread but the larger one was still looking like it wasn’t ready to go anywhere. So, I took a pair of super-sharp scissors (that I dipped in rubbing alcohol) and just snipped the large skin tag off. It bled like crazy but you know it didn’t hurt to cut it off at all, as I suppose it was mostly dead skin. Since that worked so well, I cut the other two little tags off with the scissors also and neither one of them bled or hurt.

As you have most likely surmised, patience is not one of my virtues but thankfully my lack thereof didn’t result in disaster in this case. It has been four weeks since my skin-tag CWFO experiment and scissor removal and all is well except for one thing. I have three little scars on my neck now. Well, at least those skin tags are gone! I had so much fun applying the CWFO that I offered to remove my husband’s skin tags. I wonder why he refused?!?


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