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April 2 9:22 p.m.

I just had to get something off my chest about this blogging I’ve been doing and what I wish to happen with it. The major reason for starting a blog was to compel myself to start writing again (and, I have absolutely loved the outlet through WordPress to do so and I am truly enjoying myself). The next reason I started a blog was to share it with the public and my family and friends (hoping that they’d enjoy what I’ve written and/or learn a little bit more about me through my writing).

I’ve told lots of friends as well as family about my blog (and gave them my WordPress link) and all of them were excited that I finally started doing what they had been encouraging me to do for a long time – indulge my passion and write! So, it’s been disappointing that the majority of these people, although full of encouragement, have yet to read what I’ve written. As of today, only two people, my sister and one friend, have read my posts.

I hope that this will change as even though at first I didn’t want anyone I know to read my blog, I soon realized that I did want family and friends to read what I’ve written and let me know what they think. It was with major trepidation that I told people about my blog as it felt like I was exposing myself (not in a lewd way!) through my writing as some of it is kind of personal. Writing can be difficult to share even with those who are close as it’s like letting someone into your psyche. It has been very satisfying that many people on WordPress have read and “liked” some of my posts but I really wanted my friends and family to participate in what I’m doing with my writing.

Glad I got that off my chest! I hope some of the individuals I know will start reading my blog and thank you WordPress people for reading my posts.


3 thoughts on “Blog Sharing

  1. Cathy Trowbridge

    Hello Deb. Your blog reminds me I’m not alone in the world! I started many blogs in hopes family would follow. They weren’t very loyal. Thank goodness many here are. You sound so sincere. Just keep blogging! Find a topic you enjoy and think others will and then focus on that. My latest blogsite isn’t that old (week?) but I’ve learned so much as I’ve gone forward in other blogsites. I like where I am now and hope to develop it much more. Take a look. Maybe you’ll follow me… anyway, I’ll follow you! Have a super day!

    1. debblogs Post author

      Hi Cathy! Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and advice. I just read one of your posts (liked very much) and will be following your blog also (and will read more and make comments when I have a bit more time — I’m on a break from work right now). This post got the most “likes” I’ve ever had which was so exciting! Thanks again for taking the time to comment about my first experience with blogging.


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