Wine, Slots and Blogs (Oh my!)

January 3 (continued) 7:31 p.m.

I just won $8 on my cyber slot machine game. Big wow. I will go into my gambling addiction in another blog. Let’s just say for now that it’s hereditary.

A quick warning to readers: some of my blogs could get a bit profane and “gross” (for lack of a better word and a lost thesaurus), particularly when writing about some disturbing things that are happening to my body (I will not dwell on my body too much as there are so many other repulsive subjects to discuss). The discourse about my body may compromise my anonymity and give away my approximate age so I will spare you the really gory details.

Back to the slots. Oh, by the way, I am working on my first wine cooler of the evening (obviously I plan to have more than one since I said “my first wine cooler of the evening”). Not too many coolers though as I don’t want to have to pee all night. My aged bladder has been causing sleep deprivation for quite some time now (I don’t recall how long but it is definitely in the realm of years). I prefer Franzia “Crisp White” wine in the box as it lasts a long time and has an easy-to-serve tap for dispensing right from the fridge. I like my Crisp White on the rocks, with generic diet 7-Up and a floater of water. Watered down and mixed with diet soda helps take the cheap wine taste away.

I just thought about the thesaurus — something I will have to Google to see just how the thesaurus came about and who the writers/editors were. It must have been a fun book to create but what a monumental endeavor. More on this later if I remember!
Also, I need to check the WordPress TOS to see if profanity is acceptable in these blogs — might be too late for that.


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