Debsblogspot “Preblog”

Preblog to Deblog (written before I decided to join WordPress)

Sat., Dec. 29, 7:15 p.m.

I decided to start a blog for myself or perhaps others if I deem it share-worthy. Started tonight by taking a photo of myself at 7:10 to add to this first entry. Thought I’d put a photo of myself with each entry but that could be difficult depending on how I look, which can range from acceptable to downright anti-Christ with a hangover (assuming the anti-Christ is female with a penchant for cheap white wine). After looking at the photo I have decided that I will spare your eyes and not include it in this first blog. Sorry, I’m already changing the parameters of my blogging by not including a photo with each entry. Well, it’s my blog after all!

Last night I had a late session playing online slots. Another futile attempt to make some extra money and waste time with monotonous (sp) endeavors. Damn, now I have to look up how to spell that – I’ll do that later as I don’t feel like looking in the dictionary right now and I will not use spell-check as I’m an old dictionary fan. (Yes, I’m old and also a fan of old dictionaries). P.S. I spelled monotonous correctly!

Well, this computer is grinding coffee at the moment – constantly running with an infinite amount of tracking cookies. Sounds like something you use to attract Hansel and Gretel or to help them find their way back home from the PC store (unless the birds eat the cookies). OK, too much grinding which is affecting my thinking. So much for my first blog – it will get more interesting as I become more comfortable with sharing my thoughts.


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