Deblog 2013

January 3, 2013 6:12 p.m.

I have done a lot of thinking about what’s going into my blog but obviously not a lot of writing as evidenced by the four days that have passed since my last entry.

I’m keeping a notebook of ideas for future blogs which I will share when I am prepared to write about them. Sorry, I won’t be writing about many of them now as I’m not in the mood. Perhaps I will be later tonight after a glass of wine or two, but I don’t really feel like wine and writing at this moment. Of course, I am writing but there is no wine involved (yet??). And, yes, I hate when people use more than one mark of punctuation to emphasize a thought but sometimes I just feel like it. At least I don’t put hearts above the letter “i” like some moronic girls I grew up with. There were also girls in elementary school that used to run around the playground pretending they were horses. Very odd.

I’ve decided to revise the photo rule of taking a photo of myself with each blog as it may compromise my anonymity. OK, I will take a photo of myself to include with this blog but some of my photos in future blogs may not be what you expect.

So, I will now include this evening’s photo. I thought it would be a good idea to let you know that this is how my hair looks after wearing a knit cap all day long and but you know what, I could give a shit what it looks like. I’m at the “I-don’t-really-give-a shit-what my-hair-looks-like” age (so, why did I warn you about my hair?). I have a conflicted brain. Although I am not too obsessed with my hair, I am not past the point of being vain and I really don’t want to look too horrific in these photos. So I may take artistic license with some of my self portraits. Note: My nose is not as large as it appears in the photo.

deblogpics 0103

Yea, I’m likin’ the looks of the non-flash, fuzzy photo

(I hate when I use the word likin’ instead of liking but it seems be a fitting caption for the photo.)

That’s all for now folks.


2 thoughts on “Deblog 2013

  1. Just me

    I started reading…surprised you decided to add a photo! Looking forward to the journey through your mind!

    1. debblogs Post author

      Glad you started reading my blog. The journey through my mind will be interesting. Note that the photo of myself is blurry on purpose! Thanks for reading.


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